The concrete block machine is the machine that produces briquettes via vibration and hydraulic compression by preparing briquettes in a mixer and pouring it into molds on the machine. The movements in the machines are generated by the hydraulic and electrical systems.


In concrete block machines, kerb, pumice, hollow, rain gutter, and briquette production, with special dimensions, at the same time, can be made by changing the molds.


Types of Concrete Block Machine

Concrete Block Machines with Single Bunker (Bucket)


They are the machines with a single mortar mixer where a thin mortar section is not used for such products as briquette, hollow block, rain gutter, and thick mortar section is sufficient in production. It takes its name from the single mortar mixer it holds. It is preferred because it is more economical than concrete block machines with a double bucket. It is divided into different models according to its production capacity.


Concrete Block Machines with Double Bunker (Bucket)


These are production machines consisting of two mortar mixers (for thin mortar and thick mortar). The thin mortar section is used to make the surface smooth and colorful in pave stone (cobblestone) production. When producing briquettes, a single mortar mixer is used, and a double mortar mixer is used for when producing pave stone (cobblestone).


Egg Laying Concrete Block Machines


The movable concrete block machine, namely the egg laying concrete block machine, is preferred because there is not any pallet cost compared to unmovable machines. The product, which is normally produced in the concrete block machine, is produced on the ground, and the machine moves forward, a new production cycle is created. Since the machine moves forward by producing briquettes, it is named as the egg-laying concrete block machine.


Why should I choose İBAR MAKİNA while purchasing a concrete block machine?


Having experienced in the production of concrete block machines since 1968, İbar Makina continues its confident and customer satisfaction-oriented works today.


We are the leading company in the sector thanks to the use of high-quality materials and the strong body structure of the machines that we manufacture. The electrical system used in our machines is provided by Schneider, the hydraulic system is Italian, and the bearings used in the vibration system as resistant to special rpm are provided by SKF.


The concrete block machines that we produce are specially designed to operate in the harshest conditions and severe climatic conditions.


İBAR MAKİNA has always stood out with its pre-sales and after-sales support and services for the concrete block machine that it produces. The delivery process of the purchased product is carried out under the supervision of our engineers as from the order date, from field planning in the concrete block plant to the installation and the testing processes.


We aim to make the operation of the machine more efficient by providing the necessary training to the personnel at the factories where we set up the machine. We provide routine service maintenance for the machines that we sell; therefore, we ensure that your concrete block machine operates longer and runs smoothly.

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