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Concrete Pipe Machine

Concrete Pipe Making Machine are the machines that manufacture concrete pipes by molding the concrete prepared by mixing the materials such as sand, cement, gravel and water and compressing them with vibration.

The machines we manufacture in different diameters and lengths can produce pipes that are from 150mm to 3600mm in diameter and up to 3000mm in length.

Concrete pipe machines  consist of mortar distributor bunker, mortar distribution vehicle, vibrators, plastering panel and concrete pipe molds.

We continue our  activities with the excitement and desire of the first day since 1978, taking our 42 years of knowledge and experience behind us in the production of concrete pipe machine.

We offer practical solutions for different types and capacities at all levels in the machines we produce in accordance with international standards (DIN Norms).

Concrete pipe machine features

  • Extensive experience acquired as being one of the Turkey’s first concrete pipe machine manufacturers
  • High Quality manufacturing, Quality assurance system with ISO 9001, CE, ISO 14001, ISO 15001 certificates
  • High Reliability (Concrete pipe factories we have established are the best examples.)
  • With 100% customer satisfaction principle, our best reference is always our customers
  • Strong and Fast service and parts network
  • High quality material usage
  • Strong R&D structure

Concrete Pipe Machine Types

Concrete pipe machines are categorized into two types as crane ones or crane ones with hydraulic lift.

Crane concrete pipe machines are the ones that carry the concrete pipes together with the mold during the manufacturing of the Concrete Pipe to the stock area. Since it goes to the stock area together with the mold machine, it is quite a waste of time. Its advantage over hydraulic elevator concrete pipe machines is that it manufactures concrete pipes with a diameter of 3600mm.

Crane Concrete Pipe Machine

Concrete pipe machines with Hydraulic Lift : There is no need for any crane during the manufacturing of concrete pipes. Concrete pipes manufactured in the machine are carried to the stock area with the help of a forklift. There are two types manufacturing double or triple.  They can produce concrete pipes up to a maximum diameter of 1600mm.

Concrete Pipe Machine with Hydraulic Lift


Concrete Pipe Machine Auxiliary Equipment

Auxiliary equipment is needed for concrete pipe production. So what is this auxiliary equipment?

Concrete pipe pallets (concrete pipe rings) ; The produced concrete pipes come out on the concrete pipe rings and are carried to the stock area. After the concrete pipes are kept on the concrete pipe pallets for a day, they moved back and the production continues the next day. Depending on how many concrete pipes are desired to be manufactured in a day, it is obligatory to buy that many concrete pipe rings.

Fiber heads : After the concrete pipe is manufactured, they are used to prevent warping and curvature at the top. It should wait for a day on the pipe according to the standards. However, many companies do not want to buy in large numbers due to their cost and use only when carrying concrete pipes to the field.

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CPM 1200 Concrete Pipe Machine Iraq

we installed CPM 1200 concrete pipe machine in Iraq, CPM 1200-1000 Concrete Pipe machine produce concrete pipes with the width ranging between 300mm and 1200mm and the length ranging between 500mm to 1000mm in accordance with the demand of our customers. The double or triple products are produced in accordance with the demand of customers.


CPM 1200-1000 concrete Pipe Machine Photos

CPM 1200-1000 Concrete Pipe Machine Video:



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Concrete Pipe Machine Lebanon

We have finished the installation of CPM1400 concrete pipe machine and Concrete manhole base machine in Lebanon.We share pictures and videos of Concrete Pipe machines.

CPM 1400 concrete pipe making machine can produce concrete pipe from 300mm to 1400mm.

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